Wheel Balancing

Balancing is the key to a happy and content life. The same goes with your vehicle wheels as well. It is important to have your wheels balanced to ensure safety and a smooth driving. Ready Go Tire offers the best services of wheel balancing in Cambridge to prevent the premature wear of your wheels and tires. Our experts make sure that your tires are spinning around as smoothly as possible. Unbalanced wheels can cause uneven wear, vibration and are potentially unsafe to drive.

Our service of wheel balancing in Cambridge includes:

  • 1. Removal of wheel and tire.
  • 2. Wheels will be mounted on a technologically advanced balancing machine.
  • 3. Detecting imbalance and, if any and then locating it.
  • 4. Rotating each wheel to check whether the weight of both wheel and tire are balanced uniformly around the axle or not.
  • 5. Adding weight on the opposite side to make sure the weight is evenly distributed.
  • 6. Last, but not the least, remount the wheels and tires.

Your vehicle’s weight should be uniformly distributed around the tire and wheel. In unbalanced tires, one side of the tires carry more weight than the other. Getting your wheels balanced at Ready Go Tire results in a smoother drive, increased fuel economy and better wear will save your time and money.